1. Visit and buying is not possible anymore without appointment (actually legally only for (1) TWO persons per family)
2. Everybody should make an appointment in advance bij phone 02/25.39.600 or on the contact page of .
3. Paying is possible cash, Bancontact and Payconiq.
4. One-way with distance min. 1,50 m. - Mask obliged.
5. BRINGING furniture and other objects : ONLY AFTER APPOINTMENT and after approval of the pictures by e-mail or WhatsApp.  

It remains possible on this website to make reservation or to buy articles. 


How does Deporama work?

Selling your items, that's our profession!

Stap 1:

Bring your items and furniture after pictures and appointment.

Collection at home is also possible.

Stap 2:

We discuss the selling price together.

The contract states the selling price, commission percentage and net amount.

Stap 3:

You can follow your sales and your credit on a daily basis.

Very smooth payout.


For you too, it is possible to put items for sale - after appointment !

A cause de la crise Corona, nous vous demandons d'envoyer d'abord des photos de vos objets ou meubles à ou par WhatsApp 0471 59 53 13 et après nous proposer un rendez-vous par téléphone, par e-mail ou par la page de contact sur ce site web.
Vous n'aurez donc plus de perte de temps !
Collect them at home is possible for a fee, eventually also with a moving lift, .

We discuss the price together. On a clear and simple contract the selling price, net price for you (first month) and our commision percentage (including VAT) are stated. During the first contract period, Deporama is only allowed to sell the items for the agreed fixed price , unless the depositor gives permission to alter it.

As soon as an item has been sold, payment can be made the next working day; or after 8 days for technical items, because of the warranty. When some items are not sold on the expiration date, the depositor has to take them back without any cost (transport excluded) or has to lower the price.

Commissieberekening per artikel

1. On a selling price up to € 10 we charge 45 % commission,
between € 10 and € 15 : 44 % commission,
between € 15 and € 20 : 43 % commission,
between € 20 and € 25 : 41 % commission,
between € 25 and € 30 : 40 % commission.
These percentages are increased cumulatively every 30 days with as many units as there are periods of 30 days since the starting day of the contract.  

2. In case the selling price is above € 30, the commission is cumulatively charged on each part of the selling price:

on the part between € 0 and € 250 : 39 % plus
on the part between € 250 and € 625 : 36 % plus
on the part between € 625 and € 1,500 : 33 % plus
on the part between € 1,500 and € 2,500 : 28 % plus
on the part above € 2,500 : 20% .
The obtained percentage is increased cumulatively every 30 days with as many units as there are periods of 60 days since the starting day of the contract.  

Kom gerust langs in onze winkel voor meer info!

Wie is Deporama

Deporama is the Belgian store of first class second-hand items: First class second-hand.

We provide a smooth rotation and a varied offer in our store. Mainly second-hand items are being sold, sometimes also end of series and overstocks, all of this in PERFECT state.

Trade Office BVBA: BE0407.939.834

Fortis: BE46 0014 5383 9636
Maatschappelijke zetel: Nijverheidstraat 46, 1830 Machelen - RPR Brussel.